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The Right Hand Diamond Ring

Posted March 28th, 2012 in Diamonds, Engagement Rings by admin

The woman who wears a diamond on her correct hand tells the entire world she is powerful, strong and independent. Clear of any of the traditional issues with the engagement ring, the choices are practically endless for a ring to be put on the right hands.

Right hand bands frequently have open increased space, which allow for space and flexibility in the ring, similar to the woman who would wear them. For starters, proper Diamond Right Hand Ring seldom features a single, main stone. Usually the ring will have layers associated with stones in various dimensions and colors. Many of these elements make a right hand ring stay uniquely advanced of the classic diamond engagement ring worn on the left-hand.

Don’t be hesitant to purchase your right hand diamond ring. It’s the king of most rings after all. The latest fashion to wear a Diamond Right Hand Ring for women emerged in the last 10 years, However, digging deep into some history reveals that it comes to us from ancient times. The right hand diamond ring was a symbol of authority, power and wealth. History demonstrates, Egyptian Pharaohs and Europeans used right hand rings as a sign of legal authority and to seal documents. The most used cut for a stone on the right hand ring is the round cut. Amazing, however it is often smaller sized and sometimes clustered in a setting unlike an engagement ring. This usually is reflected in a much less expensive ring.

Diamond Right Hand Ring Settings
The majority of wedding ring settings follow an identical design, but the right hand diamond ring allows you to separate you from the crowd. There is no standard approach to the setting. So you can be a creative as you would like to be for your ring. Some settings are based upon animal or unique spiral patterns. Other settings have been developed by some of the best jewelry designers in the world and have a traditional or classic approach to the setting design. for In addition, you can also select unique shapes, patterns and diamond colors.

Diamond Right Hand Ring Designs
When it comes right down to your diamond right hand ring, it’s a representation of your style and personality. So don’t be timid when it comes to the design of your ring. The bold creative and colorful designs are the shapes that will make the ring unique and stand out from the crowd and the usually designs. The wilder the better, but make sure it makes a statement about just who you are.

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