At BIXLER, staying grounded in our heritage gives us the confidence to focus on the bright future ahead. Our namesake, Christian Bixler III, developed his creative vision of what jewelry could mean while serving the nation during the upheaval of the Revolutionary War. Seeing the beauty in life no matter the circumstance is an example he set while overcoming those difficult times. That lesson is in our DNA, a key reason behind how we’ve been leading American jewelry for 233 years and counting.

BIXLER is more than our remarkable collections; we are a close knit family of designers, artisans, and creatives that come together to create beautiful keepsakes that represent the best of what life is really all about. That same joy we get from working with our team is what we aim to bring to every customer through each piece of jewelry that passes through our atelier.

It’s hard to share the best parts of yourself with others if you haven’t done the work to feel good yourself, and we’re no different. That’s why we’ve never wavered from our commitment to keep all of our jewelry production in North America, paying our workers fairly. We stay as local as we can, but when we need materials from different corners of the globe, we make sure everything is ethically sourced.

Our team is reformatting culture in a way that lets the individual shine. What does that look like? We’re partnering with some of the most iconic brands in the world to bring you custom-made collections that represent what you’re all about, with a touch of luxury that fits into your everyday. Think pop culture made stylish - handcrafted in silver and gold and dripping in natural diamonds and colored gemstones. From the sports teams you grew up loving and your alma mater, to stars like Elvis and offbeat animated series Steven Universe, our partnerships incite designs that speak to your heart. Flaunt your passions with pride, without compromising the style that makes you one of a kind.