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We are an elite team of master craftspeople in possession of techniques passed down through centuries, operating out of a single atelier in North America to handcraft the world's finest jewelry out of ethically-sourced gemstones and recycled precious metals.

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Pennsylvania, 1785. Not ten years after the birth of our country, Bixlers was founded in Pennsylvania by Christian Bixler III, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and master Swiss clockmaker and metalsmith.

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Philosophy of Design

We endeavor to create no less than the finest jewelry on the planet, peerless in elegance, longevity, and wearability. Each Bixlers piece is crafted by hand by an elite team of master artisans exclusively in North America.



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Veteran of the Revolutionary War and master clockmaker, Christian Bixler III, moves to Easton, Pennsylvania.


Christian Bixler III purchases land from William Penn's son and America's Oldest Jewelers is founded.


Christian Bixler III designs and crafts jeweled clocks by hand, setting a standard of excellence that would be passed down through the ages.


Christian Bixler III introduces the intricacy and precision of clockmaking to fine metalsmithing.


Acting as burgess and county treasurer, Christian Bixler III helps to develop vital infrastrucutre of what would become the Lehigh Valley.


Christian Bixler III's son, Daniel becomes the first of many descendants to carry on the family business. And the oldest continuously-operated family jewelry store in America is born.


Bixlers celebrates its 100th birthday!


In the throes of the Great Depression, the back of the Bixlers workshop is converted into a library to support the community.


After weathering WWII, Bixlers becomes a member of the American Gem Society.


A telegram is received from Tiffany & Co. "“Heartiest congrats on your 180th anniversary. You are fifty-two years older than we are. We bow to you on your birthday.”


Tiffany & Co. send yet another telegram recognizing Bixlers as "not only the oldest but one of the finest jewelers in America.".


Bixlers celebrates its 200th birthday!


All manufacturing is moved to a single state-of-the-art atelier in North America that runs on 97% renewable energy.


The new atelier attracts master artisans from all over the world who come to practice the legendary Bixlers handcraft.


100% of all precious metals used in the production of fine jewelry now comes from recycled materials.


Bixlers joins the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).


Bixlers' parent company is named an Official Ambassador of the Mercury-Free Mining Global Initiative.


Joyce Welken, the last direct descendent of Founder, Christian Bixler III continues to service the storefront.



Officially RJC-Certified

BIXLERS is officially a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. Our manufacturing, sourcing, and business practices meet their code for ethical, social, human rights and environmental practices. It is an honor to be recognized by the world-leading authority on sustainability standards. For centuries, BIXLERS has been a trusted name in fine jewelry artistry and this achievement positions us to be a trusted name in sustainable and ethical practices.

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