NASCAR Celebrates 70 Years of Leading the Racecar Industry


NASCAR Celebrates 70 Years of Leading the Racecar Industry

You might not know the story, but NASCAR’s beginnings were anything but boring. During prohibition, the period from 1920 to 1933 that left the production and sale of booze to America’s outlaws, the seeds of NASCAR’s need for speed were being planted. Bootleggers with souped-up cars would run contraband moonshine down from the Appalachian mountains into thirsty cities, profiting handsomely. Evading the law was essential, and smuggling rings devised various techniques to ensure the success of their covert operations. It made perfect sense to engineer faster and faster cars to get around unseen—this marked the birth of stock car racing, and the legacy of NASCAR. 


From its underground origins to the first time rubber met road on an official track in June of 1949, NASCAR has always been about bold courage. For a racecar driver, getting behind the wheel is an act of defiance—it could be the last thing they ever do. And while practice equips them with the necessary skills, what gets them into that driver’s seat is passion—plain and simple. 

At Bixler, we approach jewelry with that same mindset. It’s our bold vision for design that sets us apart from the competition. It’s the reason we’ve been around for so long—233 years to be exact, and why we’re proud to present you with our latest collection of NASCAR-inspired jewelry. Working with NASCAR, we’ve handcrafted designs that embody everything it stands for. 

A racecar is far more than just four wheels and an engine—on the track, driver and car become one. This is true for our jewelry, too; each piece is more than just precious metals and stones, they are the realization of our vision. Our collection of NASCAR jewelry is an extension of you—and we’re sure you’ll wear it with pride.

This year marks NASCAR’s 70th season in action. From stock cars racing in the night to sleek performance vehicles whizzing by the stands, join us this landmark year in celebrating the NASCAR legacy with our handcrafted, American-made jewelry. You’ll be embodying that same bold passion we all admire about the sport.